Things to remember about your vehicle during the Covid-19 pandemic

Things to remember about your vehicle during the Covid-19 pandemic

Firstly we would like to say we hope all our Clients, business partners and followers are keeping well during this unfortunate time.

We are in to the second week of lockdown and we wanted to give our followers some handy tips and reminders of what to do with your vehicle during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we have been told by the Government to only to travel if it is essential. We thought we would answer some questions we have been asked over recent days:

  • “I need to fill up my vehicle with fuel, what can I do?” – We would recommend wearing gloves whilst refuelling, most petrol stations are supplying these where they can. Keep wipes or hand sanitiser in your glove box. Use contactless card payments wherever possible and try to fill your tank up to full to minimise the need to make repeat journeys to refuel.


  • “My MOT is due, what can I do?” – Do not worry, the Government have granted a 6 months extension of MOT expiry dates due on or after 30th March 2020, due to the outbreak. It is however essential that you keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition, which is safe to drive during this period. For example; check all of your lights are working, tyres are the correct shape and size, making sure your brake fluid reservoir and oils are topped up and so on. 


  • “I am staying at home so I am not using my vehicle, is there anything I need to do?”  We would highly recommend not to allow your vehicle to sit on your driveway any longer than two weeks without the engine being run, otherwise you may have issues when you come to use it again. Before you then come to use it again, we would advise that you double check around your vehicle, check your tyres etc before leaving your home, to ensure it is safe to drive and in a roadworthy condition.


  • “I am still working and usually share lifts with work colleagues, is this still OK?” We would highly recommend that you do not share lifts at the moment as yourself or others may be carrying the virus without showing symptoms.


  • “Do I still need to pay my car insurance if I am not using the vehicle?” Yes, the vehicle still needs to have insurance throughout the period even if you are not using it at the moment, as it is a legal requirement for all vehicles that have not been registered as off the road to have insurance. You can however choose to declare your vehicle off the road by making it SORN. 


  • “I am learning to drive, will anything change for me?” Unfortunately, all theory test have been suspended for the next month and all practical driving tests have now been suspended until late June. Do not worry, you will be able to re-schedule or ask for a full refund.


  • “Can I drive somewhere to take my once a day exercise?” The current advice from the Government is to exercise in your local area. Start your exercise from your door step. Please stick to this advice and only use your vehicle for essential travel. 


  • “Can I buy or sell a vehicle?” Dealerships are now closed, however there is an online-only option available at the moment for essential needs, for example if you are a key worker who requires a vehicle to travel to work and back. If you are interest in buying a new vehicle you can still call, email or live chat with a retailer to ask any questions or register your interest. 

There are so many more questions we have to answer but here at CCM we wanted to give you an insight in to the main questions that have been asked by many of our Clients and followers over the last few days. We will continue to let you know of any updates and answer any questions you may have in upcoming blogs.

Please be assured that we are still here to assist with any of your replacement vehicle hire needs. In the meantime please support the Governments advice to only go out if it is essential.

If you need a question answering regarding your vehicle or if you are in the unfortunate event of a collision at this time please call CCM on 0333 772 0399 or email


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